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PressureWasher™ - Wipe It Out with Pressure

PressureWasher™ - Wipe It Out with Pressure

PressureWasher™ - Wipe It Out with Pressure

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Gardening and washing cars can be a heck of work, especially when the hose tends to leak or the pressure isn't high enough to actually move past each obstacle of your washing subjet. With the correct choice of tool, you can actually enjoy gardening or car-washing! PressureWasher™ is here to take your gardening and car-washing to a new level via the high-pressure hose technology that derives equivalent force required to reach the smallest of a pore along with minimizing the time needed to do so!

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The High PressureWasher™ is designed with Lances gun type that forms a nozzle to your water-pipe and produces pressured release of water through the hose nozzle that can take-away the least of dust molecules from the surface.

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You don't need to spend a handsome amount over power washing machines since PressureWasher™ produces the same consigned pressure that can be varied accordingly and that too within your pocket budget! 

The High PressureWasher™ comes with two different nozzles, namely 'The Jet Nozzle' that produces jet like a stream of water essential for car-washing while the other 'The Fan Nozzle' produces a fan like a stream of water that can be used for easy gardening purposes!

Not only the nozzles but PressureWasher™ also comes along with a foam bottle pod that can be filled with the detergent you want your car to be washed with; the pod releases foamy detergent through the same nozzle you put onto the hose!

Snow Foam Lance Foam For Car Washer Pre Washing Car Wash Machine High  Voltage Copper Watering Can Pot Foam Machine Foam Pot|foam wig|lance  charmingfoam safe - AliExpress

Quick assemble and dis-assembling makes it easy to use as well as versatile as it can also be used to wash-off your house roofs or other dirty areas! Transform your general hose into a powerful JET STREAM with PressureWasher™


Product Specifications:

Material: Lances Gun type with stainless steel Metal that is resistant to rust.
Item Name:: High-Pressure Washer for gardening and car-washing
Nozzle: Jet Nozzle, Fan Nozzle, and foam bottle pod for detergent.
Features:: Durable, Easy to Use, Portable, High Pressure
Size:: 30cm/11.8", 56cm/22" (Approx.)

Package Includes 1x High PressureWasher™ lances gun, 1x Jet nozzle, 1x Fan nozzle, 1x foam bottle pod.

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